Sunday, August 29, 2004

No, I'm Not Back

Computer withdrawal. I've been without a computer for 4 days and I'm going through withdrawal. It's sad really. But now, here I am.

I'll be back with the kids from Massachusetts tomorrow night some time. The trip should be interesting. Aggravating is probably a better word. The trip home is always a nightmare. It's NEVER a one potty stop. More like a 5 potty stop. And a stop or 2 for food. Another for gas. Another because someone is screaming. And if the trip is going really badly, another for a flat tire, trip to store for a new tire and even more food. Lets hope this trip back is not quite that bad.

Little update...

The beach was wonderful. The only problem is it was too short. A week would be too short. The kids were great. My cousins were great. Everyone had a blast. No one was lost off the side of the ferry either.

Conversation between Zach and my cousin Erin after he was plowed over by a wave, face planted in the sand, came up with a face streaming of salt water, snot and sand (out his nose and mouth), and cleaned up by Mom (that's me):

Zach: "The ocean is freaky."

Erin: "What's freaky about it?"

Zach - thinking hard: "Lots of things," looking out at the waves and horizon, "are freaky about the ocean."

Erin: "Yes, lots of things are freaky about the ocean."
Okay, this conversation was much funnier when she told me about it. Hopefully you get the picture of the little 4 y/o looking all serious and contemplative while trying to decide what exactly is freaky about the ocean. If not, I tried. ~side note: the word of the week has been freaky, It keeps popping up in conversation, on TV, etc.~

After the beach day was a pool day. Tons of fun. Relaxing. The kids didn't get out of the pool except for lunch. Dylan was swimming on his own with no bubble and even Zach graduated to water wings. (Yes Jeff, we can get rid of the turtle floaty. Yay!) Erin took me for a pedicure. Bless her heart. It was lovely and I got a little wild. Instead of my usual black or blue metallic nail polish, I went with raspberry. They do not look like my toes. I'm still not sure what made me do it. Maybe all that sea air.

I also learned about finding your limit in relation to time spent with relatives. I'd never really contemplated this before. I think it's a good idea though. I found one cousin to have a 35 minute limit (that's the shortest). The word freaky has also come up in relation to her.

My other female cousins (wait they're all female) I haven't found my limit with. We haven't spent enough time together since we were kids to find out this kind of information. I'm sure my limit would be much higher than theirs. I hope we get to spend more time together in the future. (If you're reading this Erin & Karen - COME VISIT US!!)

Lots of fun and then we moved on to Mass. Took the ferry from Orient Point to New London. It always seemed like such a long ride as a kid. This one was too short. I had so much I wanted to do with the kids and it seemed it was time to get off before we did anything. An hour and 1/2 just isn't as long as it used to be.

More update later...

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