Friday, August 20, 2004


I had tons to do today and I did none of it. What I did do, was rip the older boys' room apart. For some reason, every time Jeff goes out of town I do some rearranging. Or remodeling. Or something that changes things. I never plan it, it just works out that way. I'm thinking there's some sort of subconscious ping when the "King of Hates Change" leaves.

I've decided to do away with the boys' dressers. They have managed to take two well made dressers and pull off drawer fronts, push out drawer bottoms and break runners so the drawers fall on their feet when they are opened more than two inches. The clothes are crumpled. The clothes are jammed. The clothes are stuffed in the back never to see the light of day until I deem it time to go through them. So - to the curb they go!

What to do with all those clothes now? I bought some wire basket tower thingy yesterday and put it together today. I needed a rubber mallet and more muscles than I knew I had. The thing will NOT fall apart. Well, hopefully not before Christmas. I pulled shelves out of the closet, went through toys, setup shelves out of the closet, put wire racks in. The dust was amazing. Who knew so much dust could accumulate in a closet? It was frightening!

Tomorrow I must get more shelves and more wire basket thingys (that's the official name for them), dump another dresser, dust another corner of the closet and wash the floor. The boys will each have a set of shelves for "stuff" and baskets for clothes. Oh, and Jeff, if you manage to read this before you get home...

I took the closet doors off. Deep breathes.

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Anonymous said...

Heidi and Jeff if you read this before you get home..My husband used to throw his arms toward the heavens and says, "What have you done now, Mum!"
I think he said it with most enthusiam when I "whitewashed" the paneling in the kitchen..didn't get a chance to paint it before he got home...actually, now he's learned to suck it sense saying anything! Jeff, you'll learn.