Friday, August 20, 2004

The Good & The Bad

Whaaaa! Last day of rec camp and 20 more days until school starts. What am I going to do? This can't be happening!

Other bad things that are happening...
  1. Tyler's 8th birthday party is in exactly 2 weeks and I've only invited one kid so far.
  2. Reject on a manuscript this week.
  3. I am suppose to be taking the kids to visit relatives on Long Island & Massachusetts on Monday (for a week) and have done NOTHING to prepare.
  4. The house is a disaster of major proportions.
  5. Jeff is going out of town today.
Let's not forget the good things that are happening...
  1. School shopping is done.
  2. Reject was because they were working on another book with the same topic and the editor would like to see some more of my work.
  3. My mom is going on the trip to LI & MA with the kids & I.
  4. The dust bunnies haven't grown large enough to harm the children yet.
  5. Jeff will only be gone 1 night. He'll be back late Saturday.
  6. My friend Candice is working on a movie deal with ABC.

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