Thursday, September 30, 2004

6am Comes too Early

I have just this a.m. realized why getting up is so hard to do. The first couple of weeks of school I was running on adrenaline. Much like the first month I worked the graveyard shift. (That was BC - before children) I didn't sleep more than a couple hours a day. The next month I slept all the time. I'm talking from when I got home to 5 minutes before work and occasionally at my desk. When I finally regulated my sleep - month 3 - I started a new job with regular hours.

Oops, tangent, back to the present... It has taken me 3 weeks to realize I'm not getting my 8 hours. Yes, I know people often survive on less. Many people don't need 8 hours. I do. I can get by on less but it catches up to me with illness and exhaustion. It caught up with me this week.

Add to that the occasional waking in the middle of the night. Last night it was Dylan. Nightmares at 3:15 in the morning. Who are we kidding? 3:15 is not in the morning, it's the middle of the freaking night and I'm protesting.

Apparently I'm having trouble focusing this a.m. Need more coffee. Back to the nightmares...

He was turning into a bulldog. Before that it was a chimpanzee, porcupine, bat, and a snake. He said it was scary because he was changing into so many things. Too many. It seems one or two would have been okay but 5 was just too many.

Then I had to lay with him. Then there was a bloody nose caused by an itchy nose. After staunching the flow of blood and some children's Sudafed he found blissful sleep. Then I did. After returning to bed. While planning another blog entry (not this one).

I really need to go to bed earlier.

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