Thursday, September 16, 2004

Bad Mom Award

I have once again won the bad mom award. Not only did I not believe my child, but I blogged about it. Then the truth came out. He was right. I was shamefully wrong.

It happened at parents' night last night. I jumped ship early at the nursery school parent orientation (at which I was required to be present even though this is my SIXTH year in a row I have attended the thing) and boogied into Tyler's parent night - late. I slid into a seat next to my hubby and ignored the disapproving looks of the other parents. When we had a break for snack, odd I know - but a chance to mingle with the other parents, I approached the teacher we called the other night.

ME: "I'm really sorry about that phone call the other night."

Mrs. K: "It's no problem. I misspeak sometimes."

ME: "I tried to explain to him that he misunderstood you but he wouldn't listen."

Mrs. K: "He's always on top of things. Only one other child picked up on my error."

ME: sudden realization dawning "He was right?"

Mrs. K: "Yes, only two of them picked up on it. Tyler picks up on everything. It's great."

ME: "You mean Tyler was paying close enough attention to notice this? He was right? The teacher misspoke? Are we really talking about Tyler? Oh, my, GOD! I am the worst parent ever!"

Actually, I didn't say those last things. What I said was, "Thanks again for taking the call. It helped a lot."

I then ran to my husband to tell him what a bad mom I am. "...I argued for ages. I told him he misunderstood. No wonder he cried. I didn't believe him."

Let's make more space on the mantle. Oh no, it's getting a bit crowded. At this rate we'd better build some shelves.

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