Friday, September 17, 2004


We are almost done with the meetings. The endless meetings with teachers. Don't get me wrong. I really love meeting the kids' teachers. I love to hear about what their days are like, what they will be learning, a bit about their teacher's personality. If you are asking why I don't ask the kids then you have no children or they are too young to go to school.

My kids talk. They talk a lot. They do not tell us anything about their day except what they played in gym, what prize they picked from the prize jar (though they usually can't tell you what they did to deserve the prize) and what animal they are studying. (In Alex's case it is crayfish.)

Two nights ago the meeting was with Tyler's teachers. Alex had them last year so we already know them. I wanted to see their reaction to Tyler. The boys are so different and I was a little concerned about the shock. Apparently no need to worry. Mrs. C. said as we were leaving, "I didn't think I could love another of your kids as much as the first one. I was wrong. He's great!" She then told me how confident he is. (Is that what you call it?) He has apparently deigned himself willing to learn "their" cursive even though it is not the same as his own.

Last night we met Alex's teacher. He is young. I am told he is funny. He seems very nice. But he still seems a little lost when it comes to knowing anything about the kids. This is understandable considering they have only been in school for 6 days. I even got to see the crayfish. The big intermediate school doesn't seem so scary anymore and Alex seems to be adjusting.

Next week is a 4th grade band meeting & a meeting with Dylan's teachers. That's it until open house at the primary school in October.

Must get ready for visitation day at nursery school. That starts for real next week and next Friday I will have 2 1/2 hours to MYSELF!!! Whoohoo!

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