Thursday, September 23, 2004

Theme of the Week: Math


ALEX: "I remember putting my math homework in my folder. Now I'm going to get a strike."

ME: "Check your backpack again and give me your lunch box."

ALEX: Looking a bit panicked. "It's not here."

ME: "Can you do it when you get to school?"

ALEX: "No. I'm going out to play." Seems panic has subsided.


ME: Pulling lunch box from Alex's backpack. "Here's you math homework. Do it now."

ALEX: "Where was it?"

ME: "In your backpack. Didn't I tell you to give me your lunch box yesterday?"

ALEX: "Didn't I give it to you?"

ME: "If you had you would have found your homework."

ALEX: Rapidly doing homework while waiting for bus. "Oh, yeah."

NOTE: Obviously when I told him to look in his backpack that meant glance into its depths and move nothing.


Note comes home to work on counting by 5's to 100 and counting by 2's to 40 with Dylan. He counts to 100 no problem. Can't seem to grasp the 2 thing. I write them out. Flash of understanding. Loss of understanding. Must keep working.


E-mailed teacher to tell her we really are working on Dylan's math.

Just can't wait to find out what Friday brings...

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