Wednesday, September 22, 2004

MoMMY's Morning

5 a.m. - Notice hubby turning off alarm

5:00 - still hear alarm. shit, it's my alarm

5:00 - hit clock

5:09 - hit clock

5:18 - hit clock

5:27 - hit clock

5:36 - why is this happening? hit clock

5:45 - hit clock, beg hubby to make coffee

5:45 - drag self from bed, curse academic world

5:46 - brush teeth, pee, remind hubby about promised coffee with pleading look

6:10 - refuse to exit shower (to self)

6:12 - wish hubby good day, sweet nectar of the Gods

6:17 - notice pancake batter from last night's dinner on front of cute, new zip sweatshirt

6:17 - scrub at batter

6:18 - I'll just say I didn't notice, I made pancakes for breakfast

6:18 - realize most people at nursery school already know me, don't want extreme laughter to hurt someone so early in a.m.

6:19 - continue to scrub

6:20 - drag oldest from his bed

6:22 - scour top of dryer, kitchen floor, bathroom for lunch money for 6 year old to buy pizza for lunch

6:25 - run upstairs and steal money from kid's piggy bank for lunch

6:27 - make list of things to do before nursery school, why did I agree to be the working parent on the first day???
6:28 - There should be laws against getting up this early
6:33 - Fight with oldest over who should make his breakfast

6:35 - try to get peanut butter off sweatshirt

6:41 - there is not enough coffee in the world
6:41 - put on water for more coffee

6:45 - turn on porch light, push oldest out door

6:46 - chat with him until bus comes

6:52 - who decides what time the buses start running and how can I get a hold of them?

6:53 - start this blog

6:57 - how am I going to put 2 kids on the bus, buy milk and get to preschool by 9 when the bus doesn't come until 8:47?
7:00 - I need a nap.

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