Thursday, September 2, 2004

Tied Up In Knots

I'm all tied up in knots. Why you ask?
  1. Tyler's 8th birthday is tomorrow (well, today). This means a party starting at 2 p.m. that includes me taking 5 kids to the movies, getting pizza, and a sleepover. The thing won't end until 10 the next morning. What was I thinking when I suggested this? I have no idea. (The good news is my house is much cleaner than it has been.)
  2. I sent an e-mail this afternoon (yesterday) to an editor I've met (she is SO nice and I'd love to work with her) and asked if she'd like to see the first 3 chapters of my MG. (that's mid-grade for you not in kids' lit. You may remember me referring to my WIP these last few months - this is it.) Also, so as not to let you all think I do this type of thing so informally on a regular basis, we have been e-mailing each other and she has shown interest in my work. So... YOU MUST ALL CROSS YOUR FINGERS AND ANY OTHER BODY PART YOU ARE ABLE TO CROSS so that she asks to see it, AND wants to buy it.
  3. I went to a RACWI (Local chapter of children's writers and illustrators group) tonight at a B&N and had a mocha frappachino. I really do know better than to drink coffee at 7 p.m. Not sure why I ignored this fact. But now I'm UP.
The question now is, how do I relax so I can sleep and be well rested for the party tomorrow?

Oh, probably no blogging tomorrow. The computer is in the kids' playroom. It's the same room the kids will be sleeping in.

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