Monday, September 13, 2004

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Activity

I tried to write on the 11th, I really did. I just couldn't seem to do it.

It was a stressful day here and most of it did not have to do with the date. Just the stress of scheduling 4 kids, extra activities, differences of opinion (mine & hubby's) and lack of answers from people in charge of activities in question.

There are very few times when Jeff and I have different opinions on important things. Usually there is compromise. Usually the choice is out of our hands. This was not one of those times. The gap between formal religious education and overscheduling was wide this year. The amount of different activities for the older kids is being reduced but the time devoted to the remaining ones is increasing. The amount of activities for the little ones are increasing. The amount of driving is increasing. The amount of lugging kids to someone else's activities is increasing. See a problem here?

I think we've managed a compromise. Nothing is set in stone but we are talking again. We are both trying to make it work. Get what we want and give the other person what they want. We seem to be lucky this time. The last two times it was the house (I got what I wanted) and Zach's name (Jeff got what he wanted). They are choices neither of us are happy about. Still.

I'm happy to say, I think the current issue will work out for everyone.

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