Friday, October 8, 2004

Blog Housekeeping

I'm been trying to think of something witty to entertain you all but that's obviously putting too much pressure on me. Besides, to be honest, we all know I'm not all that witty to begin with. Nor clever. Or heartrending. I'm just me.

I'm sure you've all noticed the ads to the right of the page. Yes, I've been reduced to advertising. I've decided it can't hurt and maybe it will bring in some cash. Then again, probably not. But we'll see how annoying it is and go from there. It is sort of fun to see what products they put up depending on my posts. That alone raises the amusement factor. Swim lessons in Texas anyone? Maybe if it wasn't thousands of miles away! Okay, now you all know my sense of humor is a sad, sad affair.

I've also decided to venture into the Blogexplosion realm. Trying to up my traffic. Not sure why. Ego I suppose. See if I can retain any new viewers. I will say that while browsing blogs I was amazed at the amount of drivel out there. My God! I've been feeling all insecure lately while reading incredibly talented people write these funny, entertaining blogs. Apparently, I just have found the cream of the crop because so much out there sucks! Unfortunately, my ego is taking a battering lately. Mostly self-imposed. And this knowledge is not making me feel any better. If you're here from blogexplosion - please, go rate my blog or leave a comment here. Then I'll know how you really feel.

One last thing, I've decided to enter the Zero Boss's Blogging for Books this month. My first foray into this arena. The topic is a time when you were on the brink of insanity. I happen to have had a time when I thought a padded room was soon to be my new home. And I wrote about it. I've read a couple of the other entries. Very sad tales. Mine, not sad, but hopefully a good read. Then again maybe just an exercise in writing. Anyway, I'll try to post it later today.

[UPDATED: Almost forgot, Kira's question from the other day. I had to wait a bit before answering because the week wasn't over yet. There's always the chance something else wonderful or bad will happen in the next day or two but for now: my best & worst of this week. (I will say, it's been a quiet week.)

The Best: Hearing how the teachers love my kids at open house last night and how excited they are to be teaching. So glad the kids have enthusiastic teachers. Oh, and the outfit Zach came up with the other day. I MUST get a picture of that one to post.

The Worst: Getting a form reject yesterday from an editor on one of my picture book manuscripts. So now you know some of my other failures. (along with the bad mom awards I've been winning)]

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