Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Magic 8 Ball

Since Cindy is asking me to fess up to my insecurities and reveal what I asked the all-knowing magic 8 ball, I suppose I have to. Besides, she is the teacher tomorrow and I want a good grade. (I still haven't sent the brownies with maple frosting to enhance my grade - or done my assignment. It's next on my to-do list, really!)
See, Cindy is trying to teach me about plot. Something I know very little about. (You'd think the gazillion books I've read would be helpful but it seems, no, not so helpful.) I know what a plot is. I just can't create a good one. God, I am so dull!

So here are my questions and the brilliant answers of the
8 ball...

  1. Will "the" editor (who I would so love to work with) ask to see rest of the mss - yes, definitely (I like that answer)
  2. Will I ever get a book published? - cannot predict now (Better than 'You've got to be kidding me')
  3. Should I quit writing now? - most likely (I think it may be time to take this to heart)
  4. Will I sign a book contract by the end of this year? - you may rely on it (did you pay attention to the last question?)
  5. Will I ever get the hang of plotting? - very doubtful (No kidding)
UPDATE: Now you have to tell me what YOU asked the magic 8 ball. Either post your questions/answers in comments or your url if you post them at your site.

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