Monday, October 25, 2004

Rushing Home

As I was driving home last night I was planning my explanation to the policeman in my head...

IMAGINARY POLICEMAN: "In a hurry ma'am?"

ME: "Well yes, I was just leaving my mother's where I was sewing the kids' Halloween costumes and I have to stop at my son's den leader's house to pick up some checks and orders for cub scout shirts so my husband can buy the stuff on his lunch break tomorrow and then I have to make it home in time to see Desperate Housewives and finish sewing the costumes." ~Big breath~

IP: "Let me give you an escourt ma'am. Don't want you to miss Desperate Housewives."

ME: "Thanks, but stop calling me ma'am."

IP: "Sorry ma'am. I mean er... young lady."

ME: "That's better."

Am I the only one who plans her excuses while speeding down the road?

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