Wednesday, November 3, 2004


I was afraid to put on the news this morning. Actually afraid, to find out who won the election. Usually I wake up excited and expectant. Hoping my guy won. Hoping the rest of the country saw things the same way I did. Instead I woke in fear. Burrowing under the covers and hoping today would dawn bright. Fearing it wouldn't.

Several times this morning I thought I would cry. Tears came to my eyes and I forced them back telling myself this was not something to cry about. They are not tears for a loss but tears that sprout from fear of what is to come. I tell myself I must learn to live with the results. There is no alternative.


Donna said...

I know exactly how you were feeling. As we had a live NBC feed to Australia, I sat with my eyes glued to the T.V. and also was tearful at moments with anticipation. I thought I must be cracking up to actually be crying and shut off the T.V., only to turn it off and on again over the next 5 hours.

Sigh. Now that it's all over, I am still incredulous. Sigh. If only those people in the Red would break out of their mold and see the rest of the world...

To a brighter note: I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great writing.

Anonymous said...

i live in Australia with fear too as i saw who won the election in Australia, oh god its the same old guy that has been around for 7 years but my guy didnt win would u belive it or not he only won one full state of Queenland out of 6 wonderfull states of ours, guess what he didnt even win in South Australia (you know who ;-)) dam that john! my vote went down hill ;-( oh yes my dear i too did woke up crying hoping this cant be true but we all have to live with it for 4 more years!!! by the way i was watching nbc (ny)live to my tv in Adelaide most of the day to know bush has won by a mile ;-) just like john did back in Australia!! we as a family know and hope things could get better!! only time will tell? may GoD Bless USA we love you all ;-) and we stand by you just as you would stand by us too.
ps: i like your website it looks great keep up the good work and good luck with your kids ;-) aussie friend from downunder... oops i forgot to say g'day mate!!