Tuesday, November 9, 2004

I'm Still Around

I realize I've been quiet lately. Anyone who knows me knows this is an amazing development. Not to worry, in person I'm still chatting my ass off. Still, I have wanted to blog I just can't seem to. The problem would be ...well, problems in my life. See, family reads this blog. It sort of started as a way to keep the family updated on the kids. Then it became a brain dump. Now it is a way to write every day as an exercise (along with the brain dump). I'm honest here. I'm not good at being dishonest. (It takes too much energy.) So what to do? Luanne at Wannabe Muse has had similar thoughts recently and as she said, I am barely able to keep up with one blog. There is no way I can do two. Any thoughts on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

I guess the word for now is... there is a lot going on but I can't talk about any of it.

Gee, somehow that doesn't make me feel better.

In other news, a writer friend, Denise Ortakales, has been getting a lot of well-deserved praise for her new children's book, The Legend of the Old Man of the Mountain. Check it out. It is nothing less than fantastic.

Also, thanks to Cindy, I have a wonderful time-waster that I am already addicted to. So sad really. And if anyone can beat my score of 46 - yes, I said FORTY-SIX! Bring it on! (I only played twice - really)
One last thing - it snowed last night. For some reason I was totally unprepared. Who knows why since it is NOVEMBER and I live in UPSTATE NY. On one hand, I'm surprised it waited this long. On another, there was enough snow for Zach to go outside and PLAY in it. Okay, so it was more like take 15 minutes to get him dressed in full gear and then him sitting in the snow for 5 minutes before he decided to come in because it was COLD. Did I mention it was only 23 degrees today? How did this happen? I must not have been paying attention when the memo went out that said it was too cold to go out without 10 5 layers on. Yes, the children have been wearing their winter coats for weeks but I have been avoiding it and now I can't anymore. Waaah!

**NOTE: Zach did look adorable with his flawless, milky skin all pink in the cheeks and nose. A poster child for winter. Can't wait to get the film developed!

(PS- holiday gift giving idea... a DIGITAL camera so I can actually post pictures the same season I take them. - hint, hint)

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