Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Didn't mean to make anyone worry yesterday. Nothing has gone wrong. Nothing to cause the sadness. All children and relatives are happy and healthy.

I did go visit my doctor yesterday for what I will be calling "the sadness". He was great. Said it sounded like true depression. Not something he sees often. I guess people usually have something to actually be depressed about but no - not me. Pathetic for no good reason. I actually cried in his office. Poor guy. Medicated me right up. Can you believe this stuff takes 2-3 WEEKS to work??? The other stuff he usually prescribes takes 6-8 WEEKS. WEEKS people. He was a bit afraid to make me wait that long for results. I think I scared the guy. We discussed therapy but since I have NO GOOD REASON for being lame I really didn't think it would help (& either did he). So we'll see how it goes.

I just hope it helps my focus (& the headaches & the tiredness & the feelings of life being too overwhelming to deal with life & & &). I know a lot of writers write more when they're going through a rough patch but I can't seem to write at all. Can't focus my thoughts long enough to form a sentence. (hence the lack of good posts lately. okay, maybe it's really my lack of talent but right now I'm blaming the depression.)

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