Friday, December 31, 2004

2005 Goals (otherwise known as dreams)

I never make resolutions. NEVER. The reasoning behind this is, well, because then I have written proof of failure. This year I have decided to start a list of goals. I figure the odds are I will achieve nothing on the list but at least it will give me a bit of direction. So, in the long held tradition of New Year's Goals (NOT resolutions - never resolutions)...

  1. Get a job at my employer of choice. (I'll let you know where and why if I ever get a job there)
  2. Sign a book contract/re-evaluate writing career.
  3. Begin a baby book for my FOUR-year-old.
  4. Organize my photos so I can update the kids' albums.
  5. Possibly even update said albums.
  6. Stay on top of disaster we call our home.
  7. Do more with my children.
  8. Not yell so much.
  9. Take more photographs.
  10. Lose weight.
  11. Exercise more. (that means any little bit will count.)
I just found my writing goals from last year. Amazing feat in itself. So here are last years goals (copied right from the e-mail I sent to my crit group)...
  1. Write more in 2004!
  2. I have restarted my historical young YA(I think that's the target group anyway). Been researching, researching, researching. Now to actually start writing something!
  3. Send in at least 3 assignments to ICL. I have 4/5 left to do. I'd like to say Finish the class, but let's be honest - I don't see it happening.
  4. Submit, submit, submit!
Now the verdict...

  1. Started a blog which has caused me to write more.
  2. Did not work on my historical novel but started and completed a first draft of a mid-grade.
  3. Finished my class - THIS month!!!
  4. Submitted some. Not as much as I should have. (and I have nothing out right now)

Can I just say WOW! Maybe I should write things down more. I did better than I expected. A lot better. Makes me feel better. I only put things I could accomplish on my own without the influence of those outside me. (Such as my goal to sign a contract.) This year I say - what the hay? I'm going for it. The worst case (most likely) senario is it won't happen.

BTW, Who the h*ll says 'what the hay?' I think I'm channeling a 90-year-old woman.

Edited to add: Have you made any goals or resolutions for the new year? Tell me what they are...

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