Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Kid Conversation

Scene: Getting in car at grocery store
ZACH: "We need to get home. I miss Zach."

ME: "Ummm. You ARE Zach."

ZACH: "No, My friend Zach." He has no friend named Zach.

ME: "Oh."

ZACH: "He is invisible. You can't see him."

ME: "Ok."

ZACH: "He is waiting for me in my bed. He misses me."

ME: "Is he napping?"

ZACH: "No, he broke his leg."

ME: "Oh my. How did he break his leg?"

ZACH: "He was snowboarding and the snow got in his eyes - through his goggles -and he couldn't see and a tree was coming and he hit the tree and he broke his leg. That's how."

ME: "Oh my! Did the ski patrol take him down the mountain on the sled?"

ZACH: "No. I told you he was snowboarding down the mountain when he broke his leg."

ME: "But how did he get the rest of the way down?"

ZACH: "Mooom, he was down. I told you." Of course.

• more Invisible Zach

Scene: Later at home - Zach ran upstairs as soon as we got home and returned to playroom with his pj's. He then proceeded to lay them out as if someone was laying on the couch.
ZACH: "Invisible Zach is resting on the couch. Come see."

ME: "Look at that. How is your leg feeling Invisible Zach?"

ZACH: "He answered you. Can't you hear him?" Uh, no.

ME: "I heard him but I can't understand him. I guess he speaks another language."


ME: "Does he speak Spanish? I can't but you can. (no you can't) Could you translate for me?"

ZACH: "YES! He said he is feeling a little better. I'm going to go play now."

Invisible Zach Update: Invisible Zach later broke his other leg, then healed. His leg is much better now.

Yesterday Invisible Zach was dressed in the real Zach's pj's as soon as he got dressed. He was laying on the playroom floor all day and TR (The Real) Zach gave him a heart pillow head and some Imaginex Castle walls (with windows) for eyes and a piece of green something-or-other from the castle for a mouth. I must take a picture soon so all of you can see Invisible Zach.

• Enough Invisible Zach

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