Sunday, December 19, 2004

My Birthday

I wasn't going to mention my birthday here but since I had such a lovely dinner last night I realize I must.

First of all, I have come down with a nasty cold. Very unpleasant. Has made me very whiney. My head is so filled with snot I can barely lift it from the pillow in the mornings. Because of this our plans for dinner were being changed to getting take-out and renting a movie. Oh, and a nice big vat of the good stuff. (The good stuff being Starbucks coffee almond fudge ice cream.)

The problem with colds is nothing sounds good to eat. It is the only time in my life when nothing sounds good. Usually everything sounds good and I can't decide. Anyway, last night the children were sleeping away from here. We had a credit card that did not belong to us. (Thank you Jeff's mom.) And we needed food.

I had suggested Macaroni Grill - the only thing sounding good was their bread ~mmmm~ and the shrimp portifino ~mmmmm again~ but the 20 minute drive and probable hour wait (it was a Saturday night during prime shopping season) seemed too much for my heavy head to handle. We stopped by a nearby restaurant and looked at the take-out menu. Nothing. Nothing interested my cottony head. Got back in the car and I told Jeff to make the decision. Okay, I demanded he make the decision because I couldn't. Through his reluctance he suggested MG. He was driving. I was upright. I said fine. I did mention the bread didn't I?

We went. We sat in the bar area. We had a drink. I pulled out my new DIGITAL CAMERA. (Have I mentioned my new DIGITAL CAMERA?) We had a lovely time. We took lots of pictures. Other than the constant honking of nose blowing and scrounging for tissues it was great. It was great fun. Yes, FUN!

We were seated. Neither of us had any clue as to the wait time because we were too busy having FUN with the camera. The camera fun continued at the table. The waitress was great. Very understanding of the nose blowing and picture taking. Thankfully we were seating in a very back corner. That combine with the high noise level prevented most from hearing the elephantine trumpeting of my nose. (I'm not kidding here. Those who've heard it can attest to the unbelievable likeness to elephant trumpeting that is my nose blowing.)

After the delicious dinner that I could actually TASTE - well, mostly. Something that I've never experienced before happened. My husband betrayed me. In the best way possible. But still a betrayal.

They brought me cake and SANG to me in ITALIAN. SANG people. I'm not sure if you realize but I don't like people looking at me. Especially when I look like freaking Rudolf. Still, it was short and not as annoying as when a whole group comes and acts all happy it's your birthday with clapping and all. This was much better than that. Still, I'm afraid I didn't thank the singer. I might have but the embarrassment has wiped my memory clean.

Still, much fun. Here is my cake (which I could actually taste & miraculously we had room for when just moments before we were so so stuffed):

More evidence of our fun can be found in my photoblog. I will post some more fun tomorrow.

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