Wednesday, December 1, 2004


I never did mention what I am thankful for and the guilt is killing me. So here, now, for your enjoyment...

What MoMMY is thankful for:

No new bodily conversations lately.

The kids: The reason I get up each morning.

Jeff: Without whom I don't know how I'd make it through each day.

My Mom: I got my hair cut and my house cleaned today. Seriously, without her my life (& house) would be a mess.

My family: The rest of them for all of their love and support.

The way we all get along: We may have the occasional disagreement but family gatherings are not painful. I've heard from many people that they dread getting together with family and I am blessed to not have that problem. So I'm VERY THANKFUL!

Our home: It may need work but I'm glad we have one and I do love it. (except maybe the holes in the ceiling)

That we have enough: Maybe not everything we want but we do have enough.

Our health: Other than a bit of crazy we are all healthy. (and Tyler is going back to school tomorrow - I don't care if he is coughing up a lung)

My friends: Your support has been phenomenal. You have all brought a smile to my face and make each day a little better.

My computer: with it I would never have met most of you.

Oh, and dinner, which I have to get on the table right NOW.

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