Friday, December 3, 2004


The boy is FINALLY GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! Hacking up lungs and all. He was home for FOUR. EXTRA. DAYS. FOUR! None of the kids have ever been home that long from school before. (Now that I say this he will probably once again stay home - Nooooo!)

And I have too much to do to enjoy it.

Dylan has resumed making up songs about private body parts. Refuse to repeat song. Use your imagination.

Christmas parties have started. Gifts must be bought and wrapped. Hubby's party is TONIGHT. Pharmacist said I shouldn't drink more than one drink while on happy pills. ONE people. ONE! I'm known as the wife who does shots. Pre-party martini party at co-worker's house. ONE DRINK. And none of my clothes fit. And did I mention only ONE DRINK?

Only FOUR, yes FOUR, days until Hanukkah people. Totally not prepared. Thanksgiving decorations still up. December holiday ones still in basement. Luckily we keep the menorah upstairs on display.

I must thank my hubby for coming home yesterday morning to watch the hacking child while I worked the book fair at the intermediate school. Zach got lots of attention from teachers used to dealing with 9-12 year olds and young girls who ooo'd and aw'd at him claiming him the cutest. ever. His head is swelling faster than my pie eating butt. (Okay, not really. My butt is far too fast for him to keep up. And it doesn't eat the pie - I do.)

Must get ready, put hacking child & body part singing child on bus, drop youngest at nursery school, volunteer in 1st grader's class, go to Walmart (for pie making essentials, wrapping paraphernalia, cleaning devices & products), pick up youngest, make pie, wrap gifts, and try to beautify self for evening with hubby's co-workers. I think I need a nap.

Oh, and did I mention I may have to work at the book fair again from 11-2? Well, I might. Don't ask how this will all work. I DON'T KNOW.

**Edited to add: There is a blizzard outside my window. Snow is dropping in beautiful yet future shovel-inducing amounts. At this rate will have to shovel drive before I leave in LESS THAN TWO HOURS.

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