Thursday, February 10, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things here were crazed yesterday. Field trips, swimming lessons, band concerts. Insane.

First, Zach and I went to the Planetarium and Science Center. I had to drop the middle two off at a friend's because we had to leave before the bus arrived. The bus ride into the city wasn't too bad and I managed not to get motion sick there or back. Yay!

The planetarium show was a big hit. The kids seemed to really enjoy it. No one ran around and no one cried.

The adventure center at the science museum was an even bigger hit. The kids had a chance to 'evaporate'. (Climb wave-like things suspended from the ceiling up to a landing. Then they 'rained' down the stairs.) Zach found this a bit scary but his friend kept him from panicking. I'm pretty sure the preschoolers didn't grasp (or care about) the whole water cycle aspect of it but it seemed to be loads of fun for most of them as they kept running from raining down to the evaporating again and again. There was also a climbing wall and Zach's favorite, a sand/water table. Here Zach spent most of his time and outlasted his best friend and his future wife.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the perennial favorite in the planetarium: what I call 'color dancing'. (There is a photo in the photoblog.)

Later in the day we had to skip wrestling and do a parental hand-off/switch-a-roo/time-travel move to take a hysterical six-year-old to half a swimming class and get another child to his first band concert. (hysterical at the thought of missing his swim lesson) All ended well. The parent & child returned from swimming just in time for the start of the concert. The concert was video taped. The flute player played wonderfully (I assume since it is impossible to pick out the individual instruments - I made my assumtion based on the fact there were no tears or looks of horror on his face.). The concert was surprisingly good.

Side note: I was prepared for torture. Not so much from my flute player because I've been listening to him practice and it sounds great to me. Besides, the flute doesn't make any real atrocious sounds. Unlike say a clarinet or trumpet or french horn. (or various others)

Finally all children were put in bed just in time to enjoy Alias. Ah, Alias. Have I mentioned my love of Alias? I'll save it for another time.

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