Thursday, February 3, 2005

Dropkick Murphys

A fantabulous show that gave me back my youth. Yes, it's true.

DKM is a punk/Scottish/Boston band that ROCKS. And now for the play-by-play...

Wait! First I have to tell you - we were NOT the oldest people there. Yes, many of them were sporting children - but not all.

Okay, where was I? The show... The Rochester Bagpipe & Drum Brigade opened the show. Who even knew they existed?* Not I. They were amazing. I swear I was Scottish in a past life. Men in kilts are HOT. (I'm not kidding here) And bagpipes cause such a 'stir'. Now you all know how geeky I really am.

The band is made up of seven members: Scruffy Wallace [bagpipes], Tim Brennan [mandolin, acoustic guitar, accordion and tin whistle], Matt Kelly [drums], Mark Orell [guitar and keyboard], Ken Casey [bass guitar and vocals], James Lynch [guitar], Al Barr [vocals].

Can you believe the instruments? I never knew a mandolin could make a noise like that. Tim's solo was amazing. He is certainly one talented guy. He switches between all those instruments with such ease. And yes, he really played the accordion.

They had Ken's cousin, who is from Rochester, sit in with her violin for a few songs. A female vocalist for The Dirty Glass who sounds EXACTLY like she does on the recording of that song. (My all time favorite song of theirs) Now, I have searched and searched and can not find this woman's name. Anywhere. Here is a photo (third row down, second from left).

Jeff and I avoided the mosh pit. It has been about SIXTEEN YEARS since I've ventured into a mosh pit and honestly, I was thinking of my children and how I would explain the bruises and possible broken limbs to them. That and how I would care for them if broken bones were involved. So, we sat on bleachers and watched the 100 or so heads swaying together as the music started. I've never seen a mosh pit from above. It is oddly moving. People moving together, packed like sardines.

The pit never really got dangerous and there were a couple times later in the evening when I contemplated my decision to sit on the sidelines. In the end I figured I was still much to old to be down there with the body surfers so I stayed put and rested against my husband. (An enjoyable way to experience the show)

About midway through the show the band played Amazing Grace. Someone's Grandfather had passed away recently and they asked the band to play it. And it was amazing. Ken Casey asked the audience to join in and sang a cappella. After a run through the band joined in in true punk fashion. I told my husband I wanted that played when I die. No kidding. I really do. That to kick off a kick-*ss party. If you want to hear it, it's on their St. Patrick's Day Live CD. I am so getting that CD!

That's it folks.** A great show.

* It is quite possible they don't exist as I can find no information on them and I think I may have gotten the name wrong. It was impossible to understand a lot of what was being said since it was SO. LOUD. Yes, I know it was a concert and they are suppose to be loud BUT I like to understand what I'm hearing. (I know. I'm old.)

** I will do another post about Jeff's & my conversation as we left. An interesting insight into our different personalities.

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