Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Blog Housekeeping/2005 Goal Update

Apparently my rant did not go over well with all of you. Sorry about that but outrage does that to me sometimes. Writing about it here also makes me feel a bit less powerless. The more I researched the subject, I realized I was a bit late to the game. Seems this discussion has been going on a while and I just hadn't heard. I guess better late than never. I did discover it in time to write and express my opinions before the episode aired/didn't air.

I put up new pictures of the ice crystal trees. One more day of those (tomorrow). Yes, I took a lot of them. It was beautiful. I hope I captured a fraction of the beauty.

Goal update (as seen here):
  1. Get a job at my employer of choice. (I'll let you know where and why if I ever get a job there)
    Still applying for jobs.
  2. Sign a book contract/re-evaluate writing career.
    Writing career is looking like it's over.
  3. Begin a baby book for my FOUR-year-old.
  4. Organize my photos so I can update the kids' albums.
    Did this once. Plan on doing more Friday.
  5. Possibly even update said albums.
    HA, HA!
  6. Stay on top of disaster we call our home.
    Not so much.
  7. Do more with my children.
    I'm carting them all over for activities. Does that count?
  8. Not yell so much.
  9. Take more photographs.
    YES! Success.
  10. Lose weight.
    Hurting myself with the laughter.
  11. Exercise more. (that means any little bit will count.)
    On the exercise front, still trying to work out while Zach is in school. It should be three times a week but between illness and no school it has been more like 1-2. Still - better than nothing. I figure if I keep doing it, eventually he'll be in school for three days and I'll actually exercise for 3 whole days in one week. It may be a record. Not this week though - parent/teacher conferences today (no school). Sigh.

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