Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Postcards from Buster

I've been wanting to blog about my incredible time at the DKM's show but first I have to comment on this.

I'm not sure if any of you have watched PBS's Postcards from Buster. We watch it here now and then when there isn't a lot of homework to be done. This afternoon we will be watching. I'm interested to see if our PBS affiliate will be airing the now infamous "Sugartime" episode. I hope they do.

The show, for those of you not in the know, is about Buster (of Arthur fame). He travels around the country meeting all types of people. It is a show to educate about different cultures, religions, families, jobs and other such lifestyle type things.

This particular episode takes place in Vermont. The kids get to learn about cheese making and maple sugaring. The controversy (in case you didn't follow my link) ? The families that teach us about these things have two mommies. The horror! (that is sarcasm)

It seems that the powers that be (not PBS but Education Secretary Margaret Spellings) are afraid parents won't want their children exposed to this particular lifestyle. Because of course that would be promoting homosexuality. It might make our children gay after all. Okay, I'm paraphrasing a bit here. I'm just quite certain this is where the ones watching in horror are coming from.

They are also talking of cutting federal funding for the show and possibly not running it another season. After all, we wouldn't want to spend federal money to promote tolerance would we? Good heavens no.

I'd like to quote my husband here because he had some wonderful points on this subject when I brought it to his attention...
"We're making the world "free from fear" and teaching people to hate everyone here. All at the same time. Ingenious."


"F*cking Imbeciles!"
I agree completely.

It seems in response to not wanting the episode aired, WGBH (Boston PBS affiliate that produces Postcards from Buster) has bought satellite space and is letting any affiliate who wants to show it, run it. It is now up to the individual local affiliates.

There are more articles on this subject here and here. And a bit of sanity in the storm here. Can you believe the controversy?

Updated to add - Just found out our local PBS station is not playing the episode. I'm thinking it may be time for an e-mail. I think I have to calm down a bit first.

Updated again to add - I e-mailed my local PBS affiliate (WXXI). First time I've ever done anything like that before. I'll be interested to see if I get a response. Oh, and I refrained from calling them f*cking imbeciles. Generous of me, don't you think?

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