Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter, Spring & Updates

I'm finally coming out of my sugar coma long enough to post. The last few days have been a feeding frenzy of jelly beans and chocolate. Oh, and the kids have already eaten all the Peeps. You'd think the bunny had brought more Robin's Eggs the way they oohed and ahhed over the Peeps. (but of course the bunny had EATEN all the Robin's Eggs BEFORE Easter)

In a crazy haze of Robin's Egg over consumption the bunny and her helper hid 83 eggs. EIGHTY-THREE. All filled with candy and gum. At the current time 2 eggs are still missing. 18 of the original 83 eggs were hidden outside. This was made possible by a burst of spring-like weather and an enthusiastic helper.

This spring-like weather is resulting in rain, mud and diminishing amounts of snow. It also has resulted in many small green things poking up out of the previously mentioned mud. I believe they are called leaves. Leaves from which flowers will sprout. I will hold all expectations until I see the proof. It is still March and I do have four youngsters running around the yard periodically. Youngsters that have been known to trample small, delicate things.

In a chicken pox update: It is day 12 since exposure. There is no sign of any pox or illness in exposed child. (Although at the current time there is excessive whining regarding his use - or lack of use - of the computer.)

In a future-profession update: Tyler is apparently going to be a defense attorney. After being grounded on Saturday he has spent every waking hour pleading his defense. It is now day three and he is approaching the problem from new angles. He is still whining about the lack of electronic use allowed. He is now given to actual reenactment and roll-playing of the situation leading to his punishment.

"You be me and I'll be dad. How would YOU react?"

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