Saturday, April 9, 2005

Blogger Ate My Post

Blogger ate the post I wrote yesterday. It was actually sort of amusing. (Of, course. And there is no way you can prove it wasn't - so there.) I usually copy them before trying to publish, just in case, but I had a crying child come in and needed to make dinner and forgot. Gone. All GONE. I was unable to reconstruct it and it was time sensitive. Can't post about it already being Friday and insane when it is now Saturday and life is moving at a much more reasonable pace.

I will tell you that this week has flown by.

I have not had time to put a second coat on the vestibule. And although it is too late for the advice of a tinted primer, I will definitely use the advice when we get to the foyer. Thanks to all who suggested it.

I found out Dylan is blind this week. BLIND I tell you. He was being difficult and annoying and a pain in the @ss at the eye doctor's. She finally showed him the giant E and he couldn't see it. THE GIANT. FREAKING. E. Well, that was what he claimed anyway. Until he realized we weren't buying it. Then he FINALLY noticed it was an E. Seems he wanted new glasses. I have never spent such a short a time with one of my children (about an hour) and not been able to get away fast enough. Thank God for school!

In other news, Tyler was in a talent show last night. I was definitely more nervous than he was. There were singers and dancers and even baton twirlers. He did a gymnastics routine I hadn't even seen. AND I had no one to be nervous with me because Jeff took two of the kids to temple.

I know it sounds heartless for him to miss our first talent show - I've never even been to one, forget perform in one - but Sunday school requires 6 service attendances and Alex has been to one or two. And we are running out of Friday nights. And Baseball starts any day now. Baseball, Alex's favorite sport. Baseball, that's on Friday nights.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Tyler did great and much clapping and Whoohoooing ensued during his performance. (and I video taped it)

Now I must check on the children. Feed them and possibly start coat 2 on the vesitbule.

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