Sunday, June 26, 2005

I'm Here...

In hot, hot & humid St. Louis.

Yay, for central air.

My little nephew is the most adorable red-headed baby EVER. He is sweet. He hardly cries. He didn't wake me up once last night. He sleeps A LOT. And his cry does not shatter glass. Not that I've ever known anyone who has. It's not like one or two of my children had that ability at birth. HA!

But Collin. No glass shatters. No hullabaloo ensues. Just quiet. Peace and quiet. And an occasional newborn sounding cry.

And light. The child is long and oh so skinny. I can hold him with one arm for hours. Not that I've tried that or anything. *cough, cough* Have I mentioned how cute he is?

The trip out...

Do you really want to know? No? Well, I know I've mentioned this before - my blog - my chance to whine/complain/rant/expound on the mundane/write boring drivel. So here goes...

The trip involved 3 flights.
  1. Rochester to Detroit.

    Was late pulling into the terminal in Detroit. I got off with 9 minutes until my next flight was suppose to take off. Checked the screen with the info... Gate A10. Looked at the gate I just came out of... Gate 53. FIFTY_THREE! 9 minutes.

    I ran (okay, speed walked) 43 gates (Imagine Hurley on LOST running for his flight). I was late. They'd held the plane. (Someone might have mentioned they were going to do that) I received many dirty looks from passengers. My seatmate informed me there was a tram that would have got me there in 2 minutes. I figure the amount of time it would have taken me to find out how the whole tram thing worked the plane would have been in Memphis.
  2. Yes, Detroit to Memphis.

    20 minutes from gate to gate. Gate was 10 yards away. Plane was already boarded. Still had time to use a real bathroom.
  3. Memphis to St. Louis.

    Arrived at last. Luggage actually made it. I was sure it wouldn't since I barely made the flights. But YAY! Luggage. YAY! no more flying in a tiny, ity-bity seat, where hot sweaty people surround you for another week. YAY! Get to see Shana, Rob and COLLIN!
So that is the end of my trip. Now I must just survive the heat. Did I mention the crushing, smothering HEAT?

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