Tuesday, June 7, 2005

The Weekend

The glorious weekend. The lovely weekend that held all that is good and alcoholic and fattening. Except not fattening because Girls' Weekend is a fat-free weekend.

So all that cookie dough and cake and chips... totally not fattening.

And the fact I put on even MORE weight... has nothing to do with the cookie dough.

And the women are good. And the kids of said women are growing and healthy and good. And the husbands of said women - all good. Parents? Some good some not but all coping. Jobs are good. Promotions and house buying and such - good, good, good. And the fact we all got away for a weekend - Wondrous.

There was much talking and drinking and toenail painting. There was movie watching and eating and jewelry making. There was admiration for all and a late evening walk for dinner. There were almost no vegetables all weekend. There was a discovery, by me, of some absolutely fabulous sweet potato fries within walking distance of my home. Who knew? Not I. But now I do and I will consume many more of them.

There was also a bit of crankiness from a husband or two. But oh, the laughter. (not concerning the men - relax men)

And the weekend ended with a lovely trip to The Wizard of Clay. A perfect place to go with other women. Not a place to visit with children. Even I get nervous walking about. Imagine the tension that exists when you have children in your care.

But, no children present. Just lovely things to look at. I was very good and bought nothing. But I did make a list. So anyone looking to buy me a little something can just ask to see the list. *hint, hint*

Oh, almost forgot...
we played Cranium. I'd wanted the game for ages. Got it for the holidays. Never figured out how to play. But played it we did. And it was great fun. And one artist in the group made a Martini Goddess out of the clay. And then it started getting a bit riskee. And then it got downright dirty.

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