Thursday, June 9, 2005

This & That

So I'm still trying to renegotiate this whole June thing. No one's letting me turn the calendar back to May though. I mean come on people. May has all the promise of June without the insane schedule and end of school. May is IT people. June is just a jumble of running from activity to activity. The clock speeds up and all we do as parents is run, run, run. Time feels as if it is running out.

What do you say? Can we flip the calendar back to May?

In other news...
My SIL is in labor. LABOR. I'm going to be an aunt. WHOOHOOO! Little Collin is on his way.

As for the sweater I'm making for him...
I'm hoping it's done in time for my grandchildren.

Max? Did you ask how the adorable Max is?
He is chewing on EVERYTHING. The children, me, the husband, furniture, toys, his chew toys, sticks, and anything else he can get his teeth on.

He's also not enjoying the excessive heat we are experiencing.

Have I not mentioned the heat?
The 90+ degrees? The humidity? The fact I'm not a fan of these weather conditions? Well, there you go. Consider it mentioned. Excuse me as I go melt.

For those of you asking about the lilac photos...
I have not even started going through the photos from the lilac festival. I'm still taking photos but I am v. behind in dealing with them. At this rate I will be posting them in January some time. No, I will try to get them up sooner than that. This week I took a bunch of peony photos, so those will be coming up too.

Must jam shoes on the children and shove them on the bus now...

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