Sunday, July 3, 2005

I'm Home!

I'm home and already it is like I never left. Except for the unpacked suitcase. I suppose I could make a quick getaway.

No, I'm glad to be home. Happy for all the yelling and screaming and barking. I forgot how much the dog barks.

There have been shouts of happiness and tears already. I've already been told, "You are so mean!"

I've cut one kid's hair and have 2 more to go. My to-do list for after the holiday weekend is growing.

The year is 1/2 over and I haven't checked my progress on my goals for 2005. It may be best this way. But be warned... the goal update is coming soon. I'm afraid the results are not good.

Today is a day of baseball and holiday celebrations. Tomorrow, more celebrating. Then it's back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I would like to note that I finished the sweater. You've forgotten about the sweater haven't you. The non-evil yarn sweater for my brand new nephew. Remember? I finished it while I was visiting. The sweater laid out in it's beautiful finished form...

And now for a picture of the sweater on the gorgeous tyke:

Off to prepare for the day! Have a great holiday weekend!

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