Friday, October 14, 2005

Atrophy of the Writing Muscle

I've ignored my writing now for over a year. I've also given myself permission to do this since I was focused on things like photography and a new business and a new job. Also, the fact that my writing was going nowhere was a big help in this decision.

I have to say that writing this blog has kept my writing muscles, if not well honed, at least semi-active. What I've noticed is since being without a computer severely hampered my blog writing, now that I'm able to again? It is very hard. It's actually scary.

Let me illustrate the point:

Writing a note for one of the kids for school...
Worried about my grammar and spelling. And why don't pens have spell check? I'm fumbling with the words and wondering if the note - THE NOTE, PEOPLE - if it is making any sense. What if the teacher laughs at my poor spelling or grammar? What if it ends up on one of those lists people pass around on the internet?

All over a 3 line note.

Have I ever mentioned how sad (as in pathetic) I am? Also, has anyone noticed that 'note' just looks WRONG after you read it a few times??

So to conclude, please excuse my poor excuse for writing. I'm going to be practicing here. Hopefully it will - AT THE VERY LEAST - make it less painful to write notes for school. Sorry you all have to suffer.

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