Thursday, October 27, 2005

In The News...

Last night I managed to catch a bit of the news (a very little bit) and had to say.... Noooooooo!

Well, I say that a lot when I watch the news. In fact, most stories leave me with that feeling. BUT. This particular story was about a gene identified in animals that when played with makes them live up to SIX TIMES AS LONG. And, they are still active and in good health at the end.

Let me repeat... SIX. TIMES. AS. LONG.

They are thinking that people have this same gene and we could someday live to be 500 years old. FIVE HUNDRED.

Now I for one say - thank God I shall be dead by the time they figure this out. Because 500 YEARS? Way too long in my book.

Also, the overpopulation? The restrictions on reproduction that will come from this? The scary sci-fi aspect of the whole thing?


What do you think? Would you want to live 500 years?

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