Friday, November 4, 2005


I had to do it. I had to run out and buy the new Carpetflick by Swiffer.

No, not just because Melanie said it was cool. No, not because Mir said how great it worked (although that gave me the final push).

I had to get it because:
  1. My Dust Buster died. And I was sad. And I was wondering which new one I should buy because who wants to haul out the Kirby every time the kids eat cereal in the playroom. (Sidenote: Yes, I too have a Kirby. Back from when we had a house full of carpet. Now we have 2 carpets - someday to be one. Anyone want a used Kirby?)
  2. I got a coupon for $2.00 off (which, of course, I forgot to use).
Really though, I need no convincing when it comes to new Swiffer products.
Well, I bought it.
And I used it.
And the kids used it.
And it is as good, if not better, than Mir said.
  1. The kids like to use it.
  2. It is light.
  3. It is quiet.
  4. No need to wash the filter (like the above mentioned D.B.).
  5. It picked up so much nasty... I was scared. I'm v. difficult to scare.
I would have posted pictures like Mir but mine looked a lot worse than her's. It has also been a week since the room was vacuumed with a Kirby. The kids have spent minimal time in the room. The dog is non-shedding. My only excuse is we did the whole room vs a 2' sq.
BTW, Be sure to check out Confessions of Super Mom by Melanie. It features Swiffer products. What more so you need in a book? Swiffer products and someone called Super Mom?

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