Monday, November 21, 2005

Parent/Teacher Conferences

The news: Mostly good. Great actually.

The kids are brilliant (but we knew that didn't we).

They are entertaining, good friends, kind and considerate. They listen well.

When they do talk to their friends at inappropriate times - or spin in circles distracting the class, one word or look from the teacher and all is well with the world, or at least the classroom.

I must ask though... who are these children and where do mine go during school hours?

On a parallel topic: The one thing I despise is when a teacher thinks I'm a bad parent... as one of the kids' teachers seems to think. I know I shouldn't care. I know I'm doing just fine. Well, at least in the particular area of concern. I know he doesn't realize that the other children are turning out fine in this area. And by area, let me be clear, I mean the fact that said child must be reminded EVERY. DAY. to hang up his backpack, get out his glasses, put his finished work in the finished work folder. All this 2.5 months into school. SAME. THING. EVERY. DAY. Same lack of knowing what to do EVERY. DAY.

Somehow it is MY fault that the child is in second grade and forgets his glasses at home, asks where to put his finished work or needs to be told to hang up his backpack already. That he does not show responsibility in this area. The fact that his behavior only seems to respond to a reward system is MY fault. Even if said reward system is a small note from his teacher saying he had a great day. (which BTW, he refuses to do) This is all my fault. I'm doing something wrong. No matter that the other boys are much better in this regard. I'M enabling him to shirk responsibility and demand rewards for behavior that should be automatic. (Notice no mention of Dad being at fault.)

Sorry for the rant.

The teacher is great. But? A tad annoying that he puts the blame for my child's inborn characteristics on my shoulders. He's good for Dylan. He seems to be a good teacher. I shouldn't care what he thinks about me. But? I totally cried on the way home. I'm still upset when I think about it.

Ah parenthood... the great giver of guilt.

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