Saturday, December 10, 2005

Kid Conversations

Scene: In car, radio is playing 12 Days of Christmas
ME: What is with all the birds in this song?

TYLER (9 y/o): Don't they need to migrate?

ME: Obviously the guy has never seen the movie The Birds.

TYLER: That's a lot of birds alright.

ME: Golden rings... much better.

TYLER: More with the birds!

ME: What exactly are the maids milking?

TYLER: Cows. Or maybe goats.

ME: I hope she lives on a farm.

TYLER: I still think some of those birds would be migrating.

ME: Why are the lords leaping anyway?

TYLER: They think they're frogs.

ME: Not sure I'd want all those people hanging around.

TYLER: Did she say she wanted all these things?

ME: Pipers would be okay.

TYLER: What is she going to do with all the birds?

ME: Drummers wouldn't be so bad.

TYLER: That's a lot of stuff. He should really ask what she wants first next time.

ME: Remember that.

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