Friday, December 23, 2005

The Holidays...

... we are a'ready.

The relatives are arriving.

It has been declared by my oldest that we shall wait until Christmas Eve to decorate the tree. (Amazing that my procrastination has turned into a tradition. As much as the youngest insists it needs to be done NOW or there will not be time - the others want to follow what they call tradition. YAY me!)

I have just realized the baking has not been done. Or the materials purchased. Hmmm...
what to do? Looks like today will be a shopping day. And tomorrow will be a baking day.

Also? The Christmas dinner food... not purchased. ACK! MUST. GO. SHOPPING. Two days before Christmas. I think I have a death wish.

The house is mostly clean. Maybe by the dim lights of the tree no one will notice the floors. Or not. Since Christmas dinner is during the daylight hours. Ah, I shall give each child a Swiffer product and a room and let them go. The floors will be cleaned in no time.

Today is the last day of school before the holidays. YAY! Good, because I can shop alone. Bad, because enough already with the school.

And now for an unbelievable announcement...
My second grader was given a packet of homework to do over the holidays. This would also be the teacher I'm not all that fond of. HOMEWORK. OVER THE HOLIDAYS. for a SECOND GRADER. I have determined he is trying to kill me. He is evil. AND he obviously HATES me.

Gee, let's give the parents work. Because we all know that's what it really is. Not like I can sit him down alone and be all, "okay, do your homework while your brothers and I go play and have a wondrous time with family we only see twice a year. Just ignore your Aunt and Uncle. Their dogs and your new cousin. Your Uncle Mike and Poppy. Just do your homework."

Right now I'm thinking of "losing" the homework packet. What do you all think?

And last but not least...
A child was up barking all night and having trouble breathing. No, not the asthmatic child. The gymnast. He is sleeping now and missing his pajama/game/reading/popcorn/hot cocoa day. But I hear no barking from his room. AND. The hubby took the day off and can stay with him while I shop. All-in-all a good day ahead. We hope.

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