Monday, January 9, 2006

Into the Frying Pan... or Not

So my resolution to swear more is not going well in real life. But! It is going well in my blog life. I've decided to settle for that since the children still are too young to go around sounding like sailors.

In other resolution news...

I've added one other resolution. Yes, I know I said I wouldn't do the resolution thing but it is FUN and ENTERTAINING for me. So, leave me alone about the whole 'no resolutions' thing.

Drum roll please...

My new resolution is frying our food.

Yes, it is. At a time where most people are resolving to eat healthier, I've decided to try frying our food.

Now to be honest I've never fried anything before.

Until last night.

And I know you are wondering why I should try such a thing - well, Rachael Ray told me to.


I got her new cookbook for Hanukkah and I've been trying recipes with wild abandon.

And the truth? Although not the best for losing weight, the kids are eating them. To be fair, I'm picking and choosing dishes I think have a decent chance of being eaten.

And so far? We are 4 for 4. At least 2 of the children like each one. The other 2 at least pick at it. And that my friends makes a winner.

And as for frying? I hate it. It is messy and gross and not better enough for me to forgo baking the chicken. I really don't know how the people in the south have done this for so long. All the oil! And grease! And splatters! And have I mentioned the oil?

And the cleanup? Made me not want to eat anything fried ever again. The oiliness. Eww! (Although... as a weight loss component, hmmm... maybe it works after all.)

So maybe not so much a new resolution. More of a vow to cut that shit out and just say 'NO' to frying.


barbie2be said...

i LOVE rachael ray! i religously DVR her 30 minute meals and $40 a day shows. :)

Cary said...

Okay so I have admit that I do like fried foods however I hate frying things and I don't care much for things that I fry (well except for the fried green tomatoes I made last summer...YUM!) It is so messy and I never know what to do with the used oil.

I also enjoy Rachael Ray's show when I remember to catch it. Her dishes always look so good and more importantly, doable since they don't take long at all.

MoMMY said...

Little confession here...

I've never seen Rachael Ray's show. We don't have cable. I know, we live in the dark ages.

Lonna said...

When can we come over for dinner???