Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Some Stats...

  • Rachael Ray's recipes: 4 keepers - 1 ew! never again (although the husband liked it)
  • Holiday decorations: All down & put away (except the bare, naked, fake tree - hint, hint honey)
  • Kids: 4 healthy (for the moment)
  • Kids: 4 trying to kill me with the whining and ignoring of me
  • Husband: wonderful!
  • House: dust is winning once again
  • Dog: still eating everything in sight (when does this stop???)
  • Dishes: pointless stat as it will change in next few hours
  • Laundry: see above
  • Career: hahahaha - ahem, sorry about that. I have chosen 2 photos to enter for judging. Tulip Centers I & Back Door to God. Now I just need to pick a 3rd. Oh, and I must finalize the poster and drop off a copy in the city. As for stock photography work... would love to but would have to upgrade my equipment first. About a $2,000 upgrade at the very least. Anyone got 2 grand I could borrow?
WOW! This post is just riveting. My head was full of things to write yesterday. And today? Not so much. Maybe I'll have something to offer later.

1 comment:

The Queen Mama said...

I totally hear ya on the dishes and laundry thing. Mine are never, ever "done." Am trying to become at peace with that...