Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Day of Tears

Yesterday shall be known hereforth as The Day of Tears.

And amazingly? They did not include my tears.

We began our day innocently enough. All children get up and ready in time for their buses.

But wait! All four children miss their respective buses. ALL. FOUR. CHILDREN.

This is a first.

This is also the start (9am) of our Day of Tears (DoT from here on forward) as the youngest little despises getting a late pass.


We do not know.

Yes. I have asked. No answers come forth only more tears.

And then there is the picking up of the older two for their dental appointments (11am).

Tears! From the oldest.


He is now going to miss a pizza party. A. PIZZA. PARTY.

An offer of taking him out for pizza after the appointment is met with what? More tears.

Why did I not KNOW there was a pizza party at this exact time? He MUST have told me. (uh. no.) I am SO CRUEL and I should read his mind in the future.

The tears continue all the way to the dentist and into the office.

After school (3:30)...

Many tears.


There is touching and hitting and pushing and taking of toys and more and more until my ears bleed and I collapse under the weight of the injustice.

And then 3 mins. before pick up for gymnastics (4pm) there is injury of gymnastic bound child.

What did he do you ask?

He is jumping and landing in splits and after many times of this his leg rolls in and he pulls a groin muscle. The pain. The limping. The cancellation of yet ANOTHER gymnastic class for which we pay approximately 1/2 the national debt every month.

But wait! The DoT is not over yet.

I shoo the children into the car for swimming lessons (6:30pm). One and two at a time. GET IN THE CAR.

We arrive. It is windy. Very windy. And cold. Oh, and finally the snow we have been missing all winter. And what is this? Someone is cold. And crying.


The 7 y/o has not worn a coat. NO COAT. And it is my fault. I did not TELL him to wear a coat in the freezing cold. In the snow and wind. I never SAID put on your coat. So again. MY. FAULT. And he is COLD.

And the swimming goes fine and the children spend approximately 6 hours in the locker room showering and I do not care because... no one is crying!

And then we leave. And again... no crying. Then we arrive home and they are all HUNGRY. And I feed them because? Please. GOD. NO. MORE. CRYING.

And then teeth brushing and pottying and bed. Glorious bed.

And then the 2 littles are out of bed. And scared. Of animals jumping out of the walls because, "we are researching animals at school and now they keep jumping out of the walls of my room. And I am scared. And you must lay with me or I will cry."

But! LOST is on. And it is past your bedtime. And JUST. GO. TO. SLEEP. ALREADY.

And then they all slept.

**EDITED TO ADD: It should have read... And we shall PRETEND they all went right to sleep. Or, And then I duct taped them all to their beds and watched LOST.**


cursingmama said...

I can't believe you didn't cry. I would've sat down in the middle of the floor and had a good cry in front of all of them.

The Queen Mama said...

Oh dear. I thought I was the only one who had days like this. Yesterday was pretty close to this at our house, too. My sympathies to you. I hope you had a glass of wine (since you'd had enough whine) with "Lost."

Heather said...

I agree with Queen Mama. What you forgot is then then slept... and then I drank....

Ditsy Chick said...

Are you sure it was all crying and not an ounce of whining.

My oldest started crying because I made him go to the store with me and would not take him home first. What child prefers going home to the store?

DeAnn said...

And did you, by chance, cry because "Lost" was so horrible?!

MoMMY said...

Actually, I didn't drink. I should have.

And no, it was definitely not whining. There was plenty of that. But all these instances were of actual tears. The real ones too. No fake crying.

And last yes, the horribleness of LOST almost made me cry.