Friday, January 27, 2006

The Stupid Things We Do

I heard on the news this a.m. that a woman in Maryland was arrested for driving with her three young children in the trunk.

Now of course this caught my attention. And no, I wasn't appalled. I mean, don't get me wrong. It's not something I would do. (besides the minivan doesn't exactly make this worthwhile) It is tempting though. I could see where someone would do it.


AND she said the children ASKED to ride in the trunk.

If any of you without children are thinking, "No way?"

You would be so wrong.

Ask any mother and I bet she tells you the children have asked to ride in the trunk. Okay, maybe not if you have girls. I wouldn't know. But I know my boys would LOVE a chance to ride in the trunk. And yes, they have asked.

All of you outraged parents - picture the scene:

"Mooooom. I want to ride in the trunk."

"No sweetie, it's not safe."

"Pleeeease? Pleeease? Pleeeease?"

"Just for a little bit?"

whine, whine, etc, etc. times 3 children.

In the parental fantasy you pull over throw them in the trunk and drive the rest of the way to your destination.

In the parental nightmare you get in an accident or pulled over by the police. This is what is really keeping you from letting them ride in the trunk - which is otherwise a win-win situation.

This woman let the fantasy win. Then her nightmare came true.

And I saw the video of them getting out of the trunk. Two of the kids were not all that young. They were all perfectly fine. And luckily mom only got community service. Because really, would sending her to jail serve any real purpose? Would it help the kids at all? No. She made a bad judgment call. Let the kids get to her. She will never do such a thing again. I firmly believe this. Her kids will probably never ask to do anything so stupid again. And one, "remember when I was arrested for letting you do something stupid?" comment and I'm sure they'd stop dead in their tracks.

What do you think?


GosMMY said...

There were many a day I would have liked to put you and your brother in the trunk............usual goings on in the back seat between brother and sister, enough to drive me insane, however, we never had a trunk always a hatchback or wagon.

One Lazy Lesbian said...

I've ridden in the truck.. back when they used to charge by the car for drive -ins.

It was fun! although looking back...

Cary said...

Yay I found you. I still have your old link on my BlogRoll and thought that you had just disappeared. But I found you commenting over at Birdie's. :)

Lin said...

Everyone knows kids are whacky and that unless you live in a true red state, you cannot drive with kids in trunks. Was that woman driving in a red state?

Cate said...

I just found you through Rita and I'm already screaming with laughter. That "incident" actually happened in a town about 15 miles from my house. I love the way you put it about the parental fantasy vs. the parental nightmare. SO TRUE!

RitaPita said...

Love this post Heidi! Fantastic!

Xavier asks all the time if he can ride in the trunk and of course I have to say no. :)

Ditsy Chick said...

Yes, you are right, I can see how we would think it was a good idea for all of 5 minutes.

The Queen Mama said...

"Okay, maybe not if you have girls."

SO TRUE!!! And there's something about an all-male-kids dynamic, isn't there? They're not siblings, they're a YOUNG GANG!

Oh, honey, you sooooo get it.

And I rode in the back of a truck, too. Way too many times to count.

TamWill said...

I caught the tail end of this on the news, I was wondering why she did that.

I thought they may have a drive-in theatre in their town, that is the only time I have been in a trunk of a car!

Good Post

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got that phony letter, too. I googled and your blog popped up. You have a real talent and are hillarious! I'm still reading and smiling, and, of course, laughing! Thanks for putting a new spin on the media's gloom and doom, and, well, another perspective on real life!