Thursday, January 5, 2006

The Forbidden Topic

So what do I do?

After that last post and admitting I've written off my writing (laugh, damn it! - bad puns 'R us.) I sent some work to an agent. An AGENT! It must be the crack.


After admitting no resolutions? I'm joining weight watchers next week. In my defense, someone close to me is joining and asked for a buddy for support. They're also paying for it since it's not in my budget. And I totally need to do it.

I try not to talk about my weight here because let's be honest, nothing is more annoying than someone complaining about how fat they are when they know what they need to do to change it. I've done it in the past and I know what works. I'm fat because I'm too lazy to stop myself from eating. There. I've said it.

I saw Richard Simmons on the Today show the other morning saying the first step is admitting, really admitting, the truth about how much we need to lose. So, the truth? I need to lose 55 pounds. The reality? I'd settle for 30 so I fit into my skinny clothes.

Yes, my skinny clothes are 25 pounds away from how much I should weigh. Yes, I know most people don't even NEED to lose 25 pounds. It's pathetic... I know.

So now I shall change the subject and only speak of it again if things go horribly wrong or I lose a few pounds and I'm so happy I can't stay quiet about it. (Me stay quiet? It could happen. STOP LAUGHING!)

Oh, and PLEASE read this post and comment. I really need the feedback. And job offers would help too.


GosMMY said...

30..yes, 55??? You'd look like Nicole Richie and we 'd have to do an intervention. You can't weigh what you weighed at 15. You're a grownup now and have had 4 children. Be realistic. But, certainly am rooting for you!!

Tami said...

Really?? You sent out some writing?

Good for you!

Keep us posted on it . . .

MoMMY said...

Yes, it was Orangutan. We'll see what the agent has to say.

MoMMY said...

Look at that. They just replied. And I quote, "However, at this time we don’t feel that our agency could represent this work successfully."

Yada, yada, subjective business and all.

Guess I'm done with that.

Tami said...

Aw Heidi, don't throw in the towel! You have very clever ideas . . . I know it can be like finding a needle in a haystack, when trying to find an editor or agent to connect with. But until you start pulling apart the straw, you won't see it.

I guess I'm in a silly analogy mood today!