Tuesday, January 3, 2006

They're Gone!

And strangely? I miss them.

But! Today is my own. Okay, not my own. Tyler has a ortho appt. in an hour. And there is some shopping to do. But really, a few hours to myself. So, YAY!

The holidays were wonderful if not drawn out in neverendingness (is so a word).

I have so much to tell you. And yet? Not so much.

I have learned to appreciate my kids. As annoying and loud and unwilling to do as I say - I enjoyed hanging with them. In fact, I wanted to hang with them more than I did. Everytime I had to leave them I wished I was playing yet another round of Cadoo. The monopoly was even bearable.

Strange, I know.

And the homework I was planning on losing? Done. (with a bit of help from my SIL, who just happens to be a 2nd grade teacher)

I have even put away all the decorations, minus the tree. Listen, when the tree doesn't get decorated until Christmas eve? It must stay up until Valentine's Day. No, I'm kidding. It will come down sometime this week. I'm just enjoying it a bit more.

I will have to do a separate "how'd I do on last year's resolutions" post. I suppose it's a must-do type of thing. Although? Does anyone really care that I started out strong with them last year and then failed miserably through the rest of the year? No? I thought not. Maybe I'll just skip it.

I know the results are shocking. "Really? You started out strong and then left them in the dust? Really? You're not kidding? I'm stunned!" So predictable.

So, I'll skip that. I will write another post on my escapades on the Thursday before New Years.

New Years itself was rather dull. Kids slept over Nana's. Went to bars with both SIL's, one's husband, one's boyfriend, some of their friends. Drank small amount. Kissed husband. Went home to bed. Yawn.

Oh, and the kids stayed up until midnight. A fact I'm sure Nana was none to thrilled about. And me? Let's just say the kids haven't been asleep before 10 in days and this morning was a real thrill. Exhibit A? Threatening to carry 2 of the children to the bus in their pj's while wearing my robe and pink fuzzy slippers. I just have to ask... what do I do in the few short months when they are too large to carry?

As for this year's resolutions? I think I may go back to my original stance on resolutions... Fuck 'em.

I will do my best each day and start fresh each morning.

And for guidance? I could just copy last year's list.


DeAnn said...

Dr. Drew said last night on Craig Ferguson's show that people don't keep resolutions, like, ever. Sometimes for a bit, but then they stop. Because New Year's Resolutions are not the changes people really want. He talked about how people who go to rehab have to either be disgusted with themselves or think they will die if they don't stop before they decide to change. He claims to have studied it extensively, so I'm going with what he (and you) said; No resolutions for me, either!

Heather said...

At least your tree will be down soon. Two years ago we put up a tree and it was up until July. No kidding, JULY!! It is in our dinning room, which we never use, in a corner, which we never see so it just sort of hung out there all through tax season and then a few extra months just for good measure. As you may have guessed, we have not put it back up again. Maybe when we have kids....

Carmen said...

When your bigger kids don't wake up, you take a spray bottle of water into the bedroom and spray their faces until they jump up and scream at you. Works every time for me.