Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Did We Really Want to Know?

Today on the news I saw a horrifying story. When I went to research it on Google I found many more items on this topic. I may be the last to hear about it. But! If not, I feel I should let you know what is going on.

The topic? The Cochineal Beetle. Also known as Carmine. Also known as a red dye that is in many foods we eat.

Hmmmm... not so hungry anymore.

Yes, it's true. It's in yogurt, juice and who knows what else. Will I be checking my groceries from now on? Yes. You bet. Until of course, I forget all about it and stop.

The big hoopla this week is that the FDA is considering making companies put the fact that it is BUG. JUICE. on their labels.

Yes, crushed up bugs are in our food. Ewww. That is one of those things I'd prefer to just not know. TMI anyone?


The Queen Mama said...

Euuuuu. That's just...euuuuuu.

Ditsy Chick said...

I read this on a blog and oh, I just don't want to know. If it hasn't killed me or given me cancer, I just don't want to know....

KaraMia said...

oh argh, TMI. here via micheles today.