Monday, February 27, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

Let's face it. The whole chat about a TV show is so done and yet? I can't stop myself so if you haven't seen last night's episode or don't watch - move on, come back tomorrow for some (hopefully) entertaining better different stuff.

Ok, now, if you're still here...

The whole George/Meredith/what have the writers done/this is so, SO WRONG/sex thing... well, the writers pulled it off. I have to admit. As painful as it was to watch, a teeny-tiny part of me understood and related and yes, haven't we all started something we knew to be wrong/but maybe it will be okay and then realized 2 seconds in NO, no this is wrong/can never be right/my GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE? I say yes. Maybe not the inappropriate sex but something else. Or maybe it was inappropriate sex. Doesn't matter. We've all - ok, I've - been there (and Mom, Dad, Jeff - it was not, I repeat NOT inappropriate sex).

What saved the disaster from totally wrecking the show was the honesty with which it was portrayed. The fact that George realized what a mistake it was and wasn't crushed by it was the only way to go. Well, okay they could have done the whole George is a mess and falls apart thing but then no one would respect George and I for one would have had even more trouble watching the show in the future. Oh, and YAY! new, cute doctor interested in George. Whoohoo!

The whole Izzy telling George to tell Meredith was again - Real. After him whining about it for 2 seasons it was time for him to take a stand. Izzy was doing what needed to be done. And Izzy and the whole Alex/Denny thing. LOVE IT. Although, if Denny dies any time soon? I'm not going to be happy.

And Bailey! I'm so glad she has not disappeared with her maternity leave. Her scenes with Addison were hysterical (and a bit frightening for those of us with a va-jay-jay - love that term).

I love that Addison too is real and not someone you can just hate. She's really trying. And tell me I was not the only one who had that split second of not knowing if she got it on with McSteamy in the woods that morning. TELL ME. But of course, she didn't. She's starting to get a bit too wishy-washy with McDreamy though. Basically begging for his forgiveness and tip-toeing around him. I hope she takes a stand in the coming weeks.

But again, they had to end with those horrid last minutes. McDreamy and Meredith friends? NO. I say NO. Again and again. NO! Because this only leads us to believe that they will slip and something will happen and McDreamy will cheat on his wife. Or that their friendship will save them when things end with Addison. And yes, we do want McDreamy and Meredith to end up together but the speculation! The knowledge that they are making ANOTHER mistake. How do we fix this? I guess we wait for the writers to show us, yet again, that they can make this okay.

Almost forgot! If you want to read what the writers of the show have to say? Go to their blog Grey's Writers.


Mrs. Davis said...

I KNEW the writers would find a way to pull that off, but it was painful speculating and waiting! I thought the ending with Mer and McDreamy was great....I think it sets them up perfectly for whatever is going to happen next. I did find the Izzy/Denny thing kind of unbelievable, but it looks (from the previews) like they will deal with that next week.

Mrs. Darling said...

Do you now I've never watched a show of Greys Anantomy? Not one. Now I wish I woud have! LOL

GosMMY said...

are there actually people out there who HAVEN"T had innappropriate sex??

Jeff said...

Ummmmmmmmm. Moving right along.

Actually, NAMBLA called. They want their slogan back.

MoMMY said...

The fact you have heard of NAMBLA (I just Googled it) frightens me. Scary stuff. What is it you people do at work all day?

Jeff said...

A couple of years ago, the Boston Globe was heavily covering the sex scandal in the diocese. I read the Globe nearly every day to get my Red Sox fix, and just happened upon that nugget of wisdom. I actually thought about deleting my comment so I wouldn't have to explain, but I simply could NOT leave alone the phrase "..innappropriate sex.." and the context in which it was written. Sorry to showcase the sophomoric side of me, but there it is.

GosMMY said...

I must say, that inapproriate sex is not necessarily same sex sex....did I say that right??NAMBLA has nothing on me obviously.Such a to-do over an innocuous comment!!

Jeff said...

Just having a bit of fun, Grammy that's all. Just a bit of fun. At your expense, obviously but all in fun.