Monday, February 27, 2006


I just have to say that I must now scrub my eyes out and soak my brain in some Clorox solution because my mother - MY MOTHER - just left a comment on this post about inappropriate sex.

Now, my mom and I are close. And things such as this may have been discussed in person in the past. Also, I love the fact that she comments here but for some reason I may be going blind from reading her comment.

It might be the fact that I wasn't expecting it. Or that I saw it actually typed out. At least in person I can sort of see where the conversation is headed. In person, there is no visual proof. In person, I can la-la-la my way through such a comment. Or you know, deal with it somehow.

But here? Here I want to gouge my eyes out. Seriously. It has scarred me for life and I have no idea why.


GosMMY said...

have I really scarred you for life??? I'm so terribly sorry, but after all, I was college age in the 60's(early 60's)....I can't even remember half of it.If you'd rather I didn't comment, feel free to tell me.

MoMMY said...

No Mom. I like that you comment. Just a bit taken aback to see that in print.

DeAnn said...

Ha! That is awesome!

You have the coolest mom in the world!