Monday, February 6, 2006

I have returned.

From where you may be asking?

From life.

The children are home. It's a parental torture superintendent's day at school. The children have been playing nicely all day (apocalypse anyone?) and were even quiet until around 9:30 this a.m. Not that they haven't kept me on my toes.

The wind and snow is finally doing it's wintry thing and I've decided to stay home and forgo work and Hebrew school. The truth is, I made the decision earlier when the snow was heavy and the streets were covered. Now? Now that it's time to leave the roads are clear but we are still staying home. I can work another day.

I think everyone needs a day of quiet imaginative play. Tucked inside while the weather rages out. A pajama day. Today is that day.

And for me? A bit of cleaning. A mountain of laundry. And the joy of watching the kids play together.


DeAnn said...

That is so lovely.

Makes me want a wintery, snowy day. How did you get one this late in winter anyway?!

MoMMY said...

Deann- I live in the Northeast. Usually this is peak winter for us. The winter has been non-exisitent this year so far - kids have been skiing on man-made snow. This is like the second real snow we've had all winter. I haven't even broken out the shovel. And now I'm expecting the snow to keep coming until Mother's Day. It's happened before.