Wednesday, February 1, 2006

The Eyeball... It is Fine.

So the eyeball?

It is fine.

I may have overreacted a tad bit.

And that doctor who needed to go to a meeting so we needed to get there RIGHT AWAY?

It took about 45 minutes to see him.

While we waited, the majority of people asked what happened. They also noticed his finger.

Much laughter at my child's expense. Okay, not really at his expense but IT'S FUNNY. So? Much laughter.

The assistant found it amusing too.

I may have mentioned to the doctor that I sort of overreacted. At which point he informed me "surprisingly" many people overreact to eye injuries. Hmmm... imagine that. He said he sees this stuff all the time but most people only see it once or twice in their lives. I mentioned this is our second eye injury so I'm done - enough for one lifetime. He then proceeded to look at me like I had two heads. I'm guessing he's expecting to see me back.

The other thing he told me? The nastiness that is his eye is suppose to get worse looking before it gets better.

No. Don't worry, I won't post pictures. I realize no one really wants to see this. I did take a picture though because the boy was unable to see what it looked like. So I took a picture in the waiting room. He thought it looked as if there was a hole in his eye. He also thought that was cool. Let me repeat - A HOLE.

Calm down. There is no hole. Just a deep scratch. Guess he can't be as cool as he wants.

The whole ordeal ended with him getting a couple drops in his eye. And Whalaa! Done.

Alex has taken every opportunity to sick Tyler out by pulling his lower lid down. Tyler, the child who perpetrated the crime, has no stomach for blood. He almost vomited last night. At that point I had to stop the showing and explain to Alex that Tyler was just getting back for when Alex scratched Tyler's cornea 5 years ago. Yes, it's true. The other eye incident I mentioned. No blood though.

So now? I decree we are done with eye injuries. Unless of course the parenting Gods wish to laugh at me AGAIN.


Tami said...

Thank goodness it wasn't more serious!

Truly Heidi, your boys are hysterical - you really need to write a book in diary format about the trials and tribulations of being a Mom of Many Male Youngsters. Kind of an Erma Bombeck thing . . .

Karen said...

Oh man, I HATE eye injuries! Actually, I hate all injuries, but something about the eye is just...ICKY! Glad that eye is A-OK. If you can live through this, you'll have lots of great stories to share.

Michele sent me. Happy Wednesday!

The Queen Mama said...

Your poor, poor boy. I'm glad it wasn't really serious. I would have freaked out all over the place. Eye + blood = Mom in spastic fits

Anonymous said...

I've just stumbled onto your site - thanks so much for sharing your trials & tribulations. I've had a good giggle (and I needed it). As the mother of just one boy I can still relate. Boys are just.... DIFFERENT... aren't they?!

In our case, it was ME that got the corneal lacerations. One in each eye, one week apart. Can you believe it? Just from trying to teach my kid how to throw a basketball. The ED doctor had a good laugh. Yeah, right, do you see me laughing? I'm too busy rolling on the floor in pain. Give me the darn anaesthetic drops already!

3 years later I still have to put drops in, but at least my eyesight isn't too affected. Nobody told me parenting could be dangerous!


Ditsy Chick said...

It took me a second, I was thinking you were saying a$$hole when you said A HOLE. Gives the paragraph a whole new twist.

I am glad the eye and your son are going to be okay.

Yes, you are done with all injuries for 6 months. I have decreed it.

MoMMY said...

Thanks for all the lovin' girls.

Tami- Every time my mom reads a comment like your's she gets in my face saying, "I TOLD you, you should do that. Listen already." As if there aren't a million other women out there doing this very thing - and much better.Oh well. THanks for the vote of confidence.

Karen- Icky is the perfect word for eye injuries!

Queen Mama- Have to agree to the spastic fits. That equation fits me very well.

Deborah- Welsome! Glad you had a giggle. We all need them when we can get them. Sorry to hear about your eyes. Very icky!

Ditsy Chick- Thank you for the decree. Last night I was waiting for a call about drowning or gymnastic injury. Everyone made it out unscathed though. Seems the decree is working... so far.