Monday, February 20, 2006

The Insomnia

It is killing me. And catching up to me.

And I'm out of Diet Mt. Dew. My new best friend.

And the boys need to be at school at 8:20 for ski club in the morning.

And did I mention the insomnia and no Mt. Dew?

I really need some sleep.

And someone to come clean my house. But not yet. Because... because of big news!!!

My dad is going to close off the pipe in my foyer this week. Really! It's only been exposed for FIVE. YEARS. He is also pulling the plaster off the wall and replacing it with dry wall. YAY!

I hope it does not take another FIVE. YEARS. to fix the ceiling. (But it probably will.)


GosMMY said...

Do you KNOW the caffeine in Mt. Dew??? Maybe thats the cause of your insomnia??

MoMMY said...

Except that I have been out of Mt. Dew for 2 days. Whaaaa.

Heather said...

Yeah for home repairs that are actually getting finished!! Can you send him to my house when he's done??

DeborahNZ said...

I've been looking at a big dirty gaping hole in my living room wall for a couple of months (not five years, but still...) where I took out the open fireplace. There's bricks and dirt and that's about it.

The plumber has promised to come about 4 times - he's got to disconnect the wetback (where the hot water cylinder hooks up to the fireplace to heat your water) before I can get it replastered. FINALLY!

Fingers crossed the plumber comes on Monday as promised (#5).

MoMMY said...

The pipe? It is closed off. The wall is being done tomorrow.


And no, no one may have him. He's mine and I'm thinking about chaining him to the railing until he fixes the rest of the house.