Friday, March 24, 2006


Dear Mr. Dylan's 2nd grade Teacher,

Please stop calling me.

Please stop saying, "We have a conundrum. We couldn't find Dylan's glasses in his backpack today. We don't know what happened. He seems to have forgotten them."

Please stop telling me it would be beneficial for him to have a pair of glasses to keep in school.

Please, for all that is good and holy, stop making me tell you he has an eye appointment in 2 weeks and will get another pair of glasses AFTER his appointment. Unless of course, you would like to spend $200 on a pair of glasses now. A pair that you admit will probably not be strong enough.

One last thing, STOP CALLING ME before I reach through the phone and strangle you.

Thank you.

Dylan's MoMMY


Rachel said...

Love the letter. Don't you ever worry that Dylan's teacher might secretly be reading your blog? I guess it wouldn't matter - she'd sure stop calling you! :)

Heather said...

You gotta love persistant people!!

Mega Mom said...

I've been so lucky to have teachers that I love so far. This post makes me fear for the future!

Chaotic Mom said...

First thought: I WISH all of my boys' teachers were so involved w/my sons' welfare.

After thought: GRRR... The teacher probably ISN'T as concerned with your child's welfare, as is annoyed when they have to deal w/your child's vision issues. The teacher does NOT sound patient or understanding of your situation.

When something on my boys' processor doesn't work, I don't even bother sending them to school. It's very frustrating. (Two boys are deaf with cochlear implants:

rhonda said...

Hi, I am new here and just had to comment.

I feel the same way with the teacher my daughter has this year, always hounding me about something.

But luckily, the year is almost over WOO HOO!

cursingmama said...

I bet you have nightmares that start with the phone ringing and her voice comes across the lines....GAH!